Wheelchair Platform Lifts

People who use scooters and wheelchairs are most often not going to be able to use the stairs. Stairs can present a large obstacle and can be very frustrating. Also, pushing someone up a incline while there in a wheelchair is also a large obstacle to overcome. No worries now though because the incredibly easy wheelchair platform lifts can overcome these obstacles and improve accessibility.

Wheel chair platform lifts are commonly referred to as vertical platform lifts and are very similar to an elevator. Because of this they are usually easily installed with little home or business modifications needed. However with wheel chair platform lifts the bases need to be secured. This is an utmost concern, so the bases should be made from wood or concrete.

Wheel chair platform lifts normally have a small platform which can be raised vertically between two areas. They are most commonly used outdoors, for such obstacles as front steps. However they can be used just as easily indoors. There are also portable lifts available. These are great for the car. Also schools and churches can use them to make sure everyone can get on board. These are quickly moved, set up, and stored. If you are looking to purchase wheel chair platform lifts, I would suggest looking at a company such as Ameri Glide. This company is well known for wheel chair platform lifts and offer there products at completive prices.