Scissor Lift Platform

A scissor lift platform is also known as an aerial work platform (AWP) or an elevated work platform (EWP). Scissor lift platform is a mechanical device use to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas. For example on a construction site such as working on a steel building. These are very high while under construction and normally do not have stairs to haul equipment up and down to workers. This is how a scissor lift platform can be of assistance.

The Aerial work platform is a scissor lift platform that allows workers to increase productivity while less chance of injury. The device maintains a height appropriate in relation to the height and process. This moves directly upward by making an x shape, allowing closer access to the work area. The scissor action can by hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical. It all depends on the power system, whether a descent mode is used or just a simple release of hydraulic pressure. The release of pressure is actually preferred because it is much safer.

A company that offers many different types of medium and small sized scissor lifts from a variety of manufacturers is the Material Flow and Conveyer Systems Inc. You can be sure to find the item you need form their variety of selection from American Lifts, Autoquip, Bishamon, Lexco, Pentalift, Presto Lifts, Vestil, Wesco Industrial Products. Such options are available like stationary or mobile scissor lift platforms. Also some offer turntables or tilters. This can allow workers to be much more efficient. Here are just a few of the scissor lift platforms offered by this company. Pneumatic scissor lifts offered are standard and heavy duty, rotating table top, tilt table top. Hydraulic scissor lift platforms offered are standard, tilt table top. Electric Scissor lifts offered are light duty.