Platform Stair Lift

A platform stair lift can really solve the problem of getting up and down stairs for the disabled. There are many to choose from on the market and they do a great job in helping people. However, nearly all require the person using the lift to be able to lift themselves on and off of the platform stair lift. A stair lift can be two types of lifts. An inclined stair lift is used by those who are in a wheelchair. A chair stair lift, on the other hand, requires one to be able to sit in the chair so that it carries them up the stairs.

There are two types of platform stair lifts; straight and curved. The curved platform stair lifts are more expensive because they are made for custom stairs. The rack is not mounted to the wall but fixed to the stair treads. Wheel chair stair lifts are another form of platform stair lift. These come in vertical and inclined wheel chair lifts. Vertical platform stair lifts are more like elevators giving people access to all floors. Inclined platform stair lifts are used just for traveling up one flight of stairs. These are best suited for houses, but are harder to install. However all of these platform stair lifts can cause issues. One issue is that a stair lift takes up a lot of space. So you are unable to walk up the stairs if the platform stair lifts in operating. Also the user must have sufficient space at the top and bottom of the stairs in order to get off.

There are a number of suppliers that offer platform stair lifts. These include but are not limited to National Wheel-O-Vator and Stannah Stairiser Wheelchair Stair Lift. These companies both make excellent versions of platform stair lifts and at competitive prices. Also both companies come with features like bi-directional safety platform sensors not only provide protection for the user but for others who might be using the stairs; safety barrier arms and access ramps are mechanically locked during travel; the platform can be accessed from both front and side – the side ramps rise to secure the wheelchair when the platform is in motion.