Platform Lift Company

A platform lift company with a reputation is Platform Lift Company. They provide stair lifts for the disabled, allowing disabled people to go up stairs more easily. They offer lift for stairs with curved or straight staircases. These are easy to handle and will suit any kind of environment and any house or building.

One model offered by Platform Lift Company is called C6 and is very versatile. It can be attached to all kinds of stairs and can be used outside or inside. It can be mounted on the floor or wall. It is not complicate to use, so that persons in wheel chairs can operate them without any hassle. The platform lift company offers every model with an automatic system. Also you may fold the stair lift after it was used. This allows for more space on the stairs so that others can use them more easily. They are a great thing to have in any office, house, or outside.

Platform Lift Company can install the stair lift within twenty four hours. It only requires one power supply next to the stair, because it does not come with another motor to be installed. At Platform Lift Company they focus on safety. They have installed barrier for the arms in every stair lift as well as an automated elevated ramp. All the lifts come with an emergency button so if the rider feels something is wrong they can automatically stop the lift. Each lift is EC certified after passing environmental standards, meaning they are a safe and reliable company.

A wheel chair stair lift from Platform Lift Company can really make life simpler for disabled people. They are comfy, reliable, and safe. They can be installed in any school, office or home to help the disabled. This company really focuses on helping the disabled by providing tested lifts to make sure they are safe and so that the customers are happy.