Inclined Platform Lifts

Incline platform lifts can make going up or down stairs much easier. These are basically a platform stair lift – but with a few exceptions. An incline platform lift can be used for more than just stairs, but the main purpose is for stairs. A inclined platform lift is the solution to getting up and down stairs, however they are best used if the person using one is able to lift themselves on and off the platform. An inclined platform lift usually operates by means of pulling a platform next to the wall with the wheel chair on it.

Inclined platform lifts are a great thing to have but they can be problematic when installing them. They look more like a conventional unit. They are problematic because space is always an issue with inclined units. The width of the stairs must be able to accommodate both the platform and still walking space. Also, where the incline platform lift ends, there must be sufficient space for the user to easily get on and off.

Another possible problem with installation is that the rack is wall mounted, so the stairs must be against a large, load bearing wall. These inclined platform lift are a good idea but because of these problems, it makes it utterly impossible to install them into most homes. But if you have wider stairs and a sufficient enough wall, then it is a great way to get from floor to floor.

When installing inclined platform lifts be sure to use safety precautions. And if you do feel comfortable in installing one yourself, search for a company near you that can install the devices properly. A good company to purchase an inclined platform lift is from National Wheel–O–Vator. Expect to pay around $1,000 for a brand new unit. It is possible to purchase something used and refurbished from a company if you need to save money.