Hydraulic Platform Lift

There are two types of mechanisms that operate lifts; battery or power operated or hydraulic operated units. Hydraulic platform lifts are a very safe and easy way to lift a variety of objects. They can be used to a wheel chair lift or a scissor like platform lift. The hydraulic platform lift utilizes fluid pressure to produce smooth movements during lifting.

There are some major benefits to using hydraulic platform lifts. One benefit is the dependency of power supply is eliminated. Also the properties of hydraulics allows for ease of movements instead of jerking movements which may occur during the lifting process. These are two very major benefits that allow users to feel they are being lifted with ease. Hydraulic platform lifts are also less expensive and more cost effective compared to battery powered lifts. However there is a combined version lift which uses both battery and hydraulic components, known as electro-hydraulics. In this case battery power is used to move fluid through hydraulic cylinders. This flow causes propel of cylinders to move lifts up and down.

Overall hydraulic platform lifts are heavier than battery powered lifts because of the amount of fluid in the mechanism, but at the same time they are more durable and quiet. This can be quite a luxury but the fluid can falter under extreme cold conditions. The fluid may freeze if left unchecked in the cold. This can cause leaks by causing the pipes to crack and if this happens it is hard to fix. Sometimes it can result it buying a new unit. So be sure to take care of the hydraulic platform lift and it will take care of you.